Bugatti Brescia

2021 is the 100th Anniversary of the Le Mans entry that Bugatti made with 4 Type 13 Dog Carts

A celebration in September is planned and Brescias will gather from all around the world for a 5 day Rally. News to follow.

Denoted by either T13, T22 or T23, these are the jewels in the crown of the 1920’s pre-war sports cars. Having owned, raced, hill climbed and trialled my Brescia and looked after half a dozen customer cars, I have first hand understanding of using one of these jewels. I sold my car (built up by Peter Shaw) after 5yrs of great fun, to a Swiss collector and it is sorely missed.

In stock are complete gear sets for the early gearbox, half shafts, hubs, front axle castings and new front and rear springs. I have copper fuel tanks, oil fillers and large paper oil filter conversions in stock.

in 2018-19 we re-built the ex Hamish Moffat car for Nick Mason proving it was a factory short chassis car with lots of history.

We also had Goy Feltes’ short chassis T13 2275 to sort out simple problems

Dog carts are not the only Brescia made and we’d love to see a long chassis T23 with original coachwork soon.

During the summer of 2021 we successfully re built the engine for Charles and Piers Trevellian and their Delightful T23. With its original coachwork and all matching numbers this is one of the nicest Brescia Bugattis I’ve had the privilege to drive.