T52 Children’s Car

The Next Generation Electric Tula Bug

Design has commenced on a new generation all electric version of the half scale T52 that Tula have made for the past 40 years. With the 3 phase motor in the tail, batteries under the driver’s seat and the control panel behind the radiator, this child’s car is about to be launched as a direct replacement for the previous model. Our prototype is in build and we hope that the first car will be ready for delivery for Christmas 2020.  News and pics to follow shortly.

Hampton Court Concourse 2020

We were asked to re-sell a car for a friend who was given the car as a child in the 1970’s. My son was the entrant for the day and loved driving it to present to the Judges. We didn’t win but had a ball. What joy for all the kids.

The 1978-2018 Petrol Tula T52

Richard I’Anson of Tula Engineering started in 1980 making his version of a T52 child’s car with a petrol engine. When Charles purchased Tula from Richard he commenced a production for a limited run of only 15 vehicles. The half scale model of the Bugatti Type 52 has the appearance and scaled dimensions of the legendary Bugatti T35B. The performance is exciting and its handling characteristics reflect the best vintage motoring tradition. Each vehicle has its own individual numbered chassis plate to underline its exclusivity.

High priority has been given to driveability, detail and the selection of materials. The car is designed to please a wide age group ranging from 5 to 75+. The flexibility of the cockpit controls enables all sizes to drive comfortably and in style. There are two controls. The only foot control is a fully adjustable accelerator engaging an automatic clutch. Braking is achieved by applying the outside hand brake lever which operates an inboard disc assembly and by engine inertia.


The body shell is a strong glass fibre moulding acting as a monocoque for the front dumb iron sub-assembly and the rear transmission subframe. Both axles are very robust steel units. The front axle has multi-leaf spring suspension and the rear axle incorporates the engine mounting plate and is rubber mounted.

The engine is a sturdy, thoroughly reliable 80cc air cooled, 2 stroke unit situated behind the seat. The drive is transmitted through the clutch, reduction box, final chain and sprockets. Like many of the car’s components, the wheels are made of specially cast aluminium and carry 12″ x 2½” pneumatic tyres. Louvred aluminium panels are used in the construction of the hinged bonnet, front apron and side trims.

The high standards of paintwork are produced in three colours: Bugatti Blue, Bright Yellow or Black Lustre, while the upholstery is in black leather effect vinyl.

Options include: Special colour choice, Leather trim, Wooden steering wheel, Aluminium fuel cap, Polished aluminium components, Starting platform, 2nd seat and a remote controlled power off switch. These cars have run at Le Mans, Prescott and Retromobile and in many fine gardens across the world.