About Tula Precision Ltd

Charles Knill-Jones is proud to head up Tula Precision Ltd in its 51st year of supporting owners of the Bugatti marque of motorcar. Charles took over Tula Engineering Ltd from Richard I’Anson in 2006.  In 2018 Tula purchased and re-built a new premises, its 4th in 50 yrs. After extensive refurbishment, we moved in on 1st July 2019 and haven’t looked back. We can be found in the Cotswolds town of Northleach, only 16miles from Prescott Hill, the home of the Bugatti Owners’ Club. In 2020 Brineton Engineering closed and Tula purchased their remaining stock, tooling and drawings and have since then continued to manufacture and supply Bugatti spares to all over the world. Tula Precision currently draws on over 65 years of combined experience in restoration, race preparation and quality servicing of all Bugatti cars. Richard is pleased to remain as a consultant and comes in every month to check all is well and to borrow reamers etc.

We are excited to announce that this year, Tula is growing a new leg in the way of Tula Racing, our own race team. Due to Charles and Tommy’s shared passion for racing, and over 40 years experience between them alone, the idea soon sparked up that Tula could have more to offer alongside our specialty in Bugatti’s. Look out for us in the paddock at HRDC meetings as we attempt to make our first season known in Charles’ exciting new Group 1 Ford Capri touring car.

Michael Whiting continues his exemplary work building all types of roller bearing crank engines, gearboxes, blowers and ancillaries to Ettore’s drawings. Michael’s skill base is second to none and includes most of the Bugatti range. He has been the core of Tula for over 50 yrs and we hope he stays with us for a few more to come.

Charles Knill-Jones BSCHons is a graduate of Materials Science at Brunel University. Upon leaving university he was employed by Nick Mason’s Ten Tenths organisation looking after his racing stable for 20yrs, completing his last day for Nick in September 2017. An appreciation of vintage and historic race preparation, as well as an enthusiastic approach to the historic car world, leaves him well qualified to manage Tula. Charles has been a member of the Bugatti Owners’ Club Affairs Committee but has stood down to give time to his growing young family.

Tommy Waterfield started work for us in November 2021 as a graduate of Mechanical Engineering at Bath University. Brought up in the world of the VSCC and Frazer Nashes he has years of hands on experience to compliment his academic engineering training. In August 2022 he finished rebuilding his 1922 GN Harlequin race car and is using it hard, as intended. His role at Tula has changed over time, and due to his passion for all things racing, he has taken on the role of Race Director of a new department Tula Racing.

In the workshop I am proud to employ Louis Mcnair. Louis is a third generation aircraft and automotive engineer from New Zealand. A graduate of a tool makers apprenticeship he has a wise head on a young man’s shoulders. Louis has built his own penny farthing, two aeroplanes, a cafe racer and much more. in May 2022 he finished rebuilding his exceptional GN Katipo and has already started collecting parts for his next GN. Louis is a fundamental part of the team at Tula, having been heavily involved in a number of major projects over the last few years, including rebuilding the 1914 Bugatti Avio 8C engine that had never run until Louis had his turn. Currently he is working on T35C chassis 4935, where great time and care has been spent to reunite and sympathetically refit the majority of its original components to the car, many of which have been apart for 70 years.

There is a BIG space to fill in our workshop floor for an experienced mechanic should you read this and wish to get in contact.

Ray Nash has re-joined Tula after a 10 year absence as a commercial driver. Ray worked for Tula and our machine shop Straight 8 between 1980 & 1998. A demon machinist, Ray works our in-house lathe, milling machine,  surface grinder and hone.

In the accounts department we have Debbie, who is more than a book keeper, but with her own family to look after is in for only two days per week.

Tula has prided itself with very high quality, detailed work with the emphasis on a personal service both in competition and on the road. The workshops have relocated to a private workshop facility in the Cotswolds town of Northleach. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.