Large Bugatti Vice

In 2008 when we started making this large vice with the surface plate, I had looked at what was currently on the market. Paramo had made some replica vices in the 1980s/90s but no one had made any for over 15yrs. I decided to make a batch of 5 which sold out very quickly and this is our 4th batch of 5. Made from cast iron to the original Bugatti design from patterns rescued from the factory in the 1960’s, these vices are a must for any proper engineer. They cost a fortune to machine and there are more parts than can be appreciated, all of which are typically complicated. Very difficult to photograph, each vice comes with a T handle for locking to the bench or leg and a pin to pass through.

Retailing for 1/8th of the price of original Bugatti vices at £5500 plus VAT, we also offer the bench leg in Ali and cast iron, machined and painted in a chemical resistant hi spec paint.  Seen here with its little sister, the bebé vice.

We currently have three large vices in stock and ready to ship.