Tula Bug, T52 Children’s Car

In 1979 Richard I’Anson started making a child’s car for his sons William and Tom. A silhouette of the T35 / T51 GP car, Richard went on to make over 25 with a two stroke petrol engine. In 2016 when I bought the business I decided to make a second generation car using a Comer 80cc two stroke power train and disc brake. We have sold out after making a further 25 plus cars. One of the very early cars advertised here came back to us in 2014 for an engine upgrade and underwent a paint job. This is special car as it crosses both generations of power plant and has been used by two generations with a family connection. This car is on the button and ready for an entry to Little Big Mans or the 2020 Hampton Court Concourse of Elegance where there is junior class for all types of children car.

The long term owner pictured at the very bottom is asking £12500. Please call me