Introducing our newest item, the baby Bugatti vice. Machined to the same exacting standards of its big brother. This little gem came about because when at a race meeting i was fed up of leaning on the edge of an A frame or an oil drum holding a pair of mole grips and filing a job I wanted a vice to bolt to my tool box. Our baby Bugatti vices are finished with the same chemical resistant paint and are good for any job a standard vice twice its size just OK at….The vice comes with a pin to bolt it through a bench or desk and a T handle to clamp it down. £1600 plus Vat (Current stock is 5 off, Jan 2019)

Jaw size 55mm wide, 22mm deep.

Jaw Operating space 60mm                        

Total length 230mm                              

The baby vice

The baby vice




The Large Bugatti vice that we make to order is a direct copy of the original Factory vice used by engineers throughout the company’s workshops. (Currently machining a new batch of 5. Due for completion in Feb 2019)

It is a machined from Bugatti’s drawings and we have used all the specified materials where marked. The cast iron body with either an surface plate or plain back is finished in a tough long suffering satin mat block paint. This finish is resistant to many chemicals, petrol and oil and paint thinners and has great chip resistance. The hardened and ground vice jaws close to a perfect fit and when used lead to a perfect closing action. There is no other vice like it.
The vice comes with a XX long bench pin that screws into the base and a locking handle allowing the vice to be swivelled on the bench top for long drop work.

For best use the vice should be mounted with onto a 30mm thick bench top over a solid bench leg preferably of Bugatti design. The throw of the jaws is a max 180mm and 125mm wide. The top of the vice jaws should be the same height as the users elbow from the ground to provide the correct actuation when filing.

The vice has a total length of 500mm, width of 200mm and height of 245mm and its total weight is 48Kg. The lead time for each is 12 weeks from receipt of deposit at 50% total retail price. The Bugatti vice is the ultimate working tool and a must for any precision engineer. £5000 plus Vat. We can provide machined and painted bench legs and usually have stock alongside the vices. £600 plus Vat.

Jaw width 125mm, 40mm deep

Jaw Operating Space 160mm

Total Length500mm