T23 Chassis no.1492

Off the back of a fabulous time in New Zealand i met a couple from Belgium. They have asked Tula to re commission there Type 23 in time for the International Bugatti Rally of Japan. The workshop and machine shop are flat out correcting some dreadful engineering that was done to assemble the car into some sort of order. It is shocking how a little bit of knowledge is dangerous and a quick buck can be made. What is good news is that the car has turned the corner and the plan is to finish it for Patrick Friedli French International Rally in June. An original engine, gearbox and front and rear axle with its correct long chassis make this a great little Brescia. The car is on its way to Japan for the 2015 International Bugatti Rally. (July 2015)


Unfortunatly we missed the French Rally date due to a supplier not delivering the crankshaft but the car met its dealing for shipping to Japan in time with UK road registration. The DVLA issues held thing up but with help from the BOC, Mark Morris and friends the car completed all three rallies as its running in exercise.