Bugatti T59 Kit of Parts


1 x crankcase
1x sump
1 x main bearing caps machined
1 x steel dowel for caps
1 x set of main bearing studs
1 x sump closing plate
1 x block water plate
1 x inlet manifold
1 x water pump closing plate
2 x oil cooler end casting
1 x starting handle bronze casting
1 x oil cooler flanged casting
2 x oil cooler flanged castings
4 x engine mounting castings
1 x mag tray machined
1 x clutch cover upper
1 x clutch cover lower
2 x cam tower closing covers
1 x cam gear timing tower
2 x cambox’s and lids
1 x complete blower casting set
1 x water pump casting
1 x starting handle dog casting, ali
1 x set of Carb castings
1 x oil filter housing, ali
1 x oil filter bast
2 x oil filters

G box
1 x set of g box castings, main case, lid and turret top and steel strength end plate

1 x Chassis fully formed with dumb irons and rear spring platforms – LR
2 x bronze front spring mountings (front)
2 x bronze front spring mountings (rear)
1 x steering column leather casting
1 x steering Column leather closing plate
1 x air tap bronze casting
1 x Ali fuel tap casting
1 x bronze fuel tap main casting – LR
1 x fuel tank casting – LR
4 x fuel tank mounting bronze castings – LR
4 x fuel tank support plates – LR

4 x brake shoe castings
2 x brake shoe pivots
2 x front brake leavers
2 x brake x shaft leaver stops
1 x hand brake base
1 x X shaft end
1 x brake pedal and pad machined
1 x clutch pedal and pad
1 x bronze x shaft mounting
1 x hand brake x shaft spring
1 x set of bronze x shaft castings

Rear axle
2 x axle tubes-LR
2 x shock to axle tube clams
2 x rear spring bolts and nuts
2 x shock to clam mounting plates

2 x front shock arm top hat washers
2 x front shock Ali mounting plates machined
2 x front shock steel closing plates machined
2 x rear bronze shock closing plates
2 x front shock leavers
2 x shock center steel caps
2 x front shock arm plates
2 x flat washers
4 x shock washers
4 x bronze centre tops
4 x bronze shock centres

1 x set of plates and pannels for dash and bulkhead
1 x set of Ali angles
1 x dash
1 x steering box steel mount
1 x throttle mounting
1 x valance closing plate
1 x seat frame support
1 x set of Ali body panels marked out to be shaped into T59 body